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  • Susan Dawn

All That is Sacred

(For the full video, click here: Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections)

One of the main things we learn on this journey is how to trust ourselves. That circumvents every other lesson because it’s the core and crux of our experience—learning to listen to and trust in ourselves. This means honoring your truth over any reader or any healer, including myself! You’ve already reached the truth of yourself. At the very least, you’ve seen glimpses of it through your awakening or even just through your life experience. The more you trust that, the more easily and joyfully your journey is going to flow. This doesn’t mean trusting the ego… Ego serves its purpose in this physical experience, but it’s derived from subconscious patterns and programming. I’m talking about the heart, the intuition, the soul self—the very core of your being, the very essence of who you are before doubt or fear or influence overshadows it.

The only thing you can control is yourself. When it comes to sacred partners, it doesn’t matter what they’re doing, who they’re with, or whatever else life’s illusion is trying to show you. Trust in yourself and your own knowing. That’s the only thing you’re responsible for, the only thing you can control. Ask yourself this—does it matter what my divine counterpart is doing? Does it affect my love for him? The answer is no—because otherwise that’s placing a condition on love, and we’re here to learn, understand, and experience unconditional love. If you’re saying, “I’m only going to love him if he’s not with someone else,” that’s a condition. If you’re saying, “he’s only my divine counterpart if he’s reciprocating communication,” that’s a condition. You have to trust the knowing in your heart—and that takes being radically honest with yourself. And when you’re in these sacred partnerships, you understand that no matter what, my soul still honors yours, my soul still honors yours.

Now, that’s not to say you have to accept their actions and their behavior in your life. That’s where you hold unconditional love for yourself first and foremost, that’s where you honor yourself. You have every single right to say, “if you’re with someone else, if you’re partaking in drugs or alcohol or some other addiction, if you’re participating in these hurtful behaviors or actions that don’t align with my values, then you’re not going to be part of my life.” That’s hard for the people-pleasers in us, ESPECIALLY when we have so much deep-seated love for someone. But you know who we have to have more love for? Ourselves. It’s saying, I’m going to honor myself while still loving you, but our journeys aren’t aligning.

We cannot put our power, our strength, our magic outside of ourselves, especially in another. We’re not here for that. We’re here to love and support the magic inside each of us. That starts with believing and trusting in ourselves.

This journey of ascension can be really challenging when you’re walking the sacred union path. It’s because you’re ascending with a partner, with someone that you love with all of your being, with someone who is you in essence. But just as you’ve had to grow and expand in sacredness and love, recognizing your divinity, so does your person. And we have to allow them their journey and honor them for it without controlling it or trying to fix it or heal it as much as we would want them to do the same for us.

So don’t attach yourself to stories. Recognize that life itself is a story, and you get to write it, you get to create it. I’m a writer in my other life… One thing I’ve learned from writing my books is that they have a flow of their own, and no amount of planning or plotting (because I’ve never been able to do either) can make up for the beauty that happens when I let the characters tell me their story and chart their own path or the absolute magic that has unfolded when I read back and see how it all came together in the end.

Go within yourself and your heart for what you believe is true. Hold that belief without the attachment. Like I channeled this weekend on YouTube, you’re freeing yourself from the matrix of this journey—what you think it’s supposed to look like, how you think it’s supposed to be. It’s not about a reward. It’s not about a destination. Sacred union is already within you. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, bring yourself back to presence. All that there is is right here already. You’re truly not lacking anything.

I love you.


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