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  • Susan Dawn

A Note from the Universe

Today’s “Note from the Universe” is spot on...

This past year I’ve healed so much of myself, learned to love myself as I’d wanted to love others—fully, unabashedly, without reservation. If I felt like that wasn’t being reciprocated, I learned to look inward and ask myself where I wasn’t loving myself enough. If I felt like my love was being blocked—like a hand was held up—I learned to allow my love and this overflowing heart to spill outwards still, to my pets and my family and my friends and even my passions. What has resulted has been a feeling of more love for myself—and as a result more love for this world and everything in it—than I ever thought possible. Fill up your cup and that cup overflows. Love yourself and that love has no choice but to expand...

Still, even though I’ve grown and evolved so much through these lessons—lessons that, no matter how painful they’ve been, I have no regrets for how they’ve led me here, knowing this was part of the unfolding—I still had a subconscious fear that I wasn’t deserving of my happily ever after. I wasn’t seeing it in my physical world, after all, so maybe I’m just not deserving of it. Maybe happily ever after is meant for other people, not for me. Maybe my purpose here is my work. Maybe my work is to love others. Maybe I’m not meant to be loved in partnership.

Maybe that’s all a bunch of bullshit.

That’s still the ego mind holding onto fear. That’s still my own inner wounding still attempting to self-sabotage by saying I’m not worthy of love. That’s still my physical senses saying it’s not appearing in the 3D, so it must not be coming, and if it’s not coming, it must not be meant for me. That’s still pain I’ve been holding onto.

I release it now. I let it go. If you want it, you must trust it. If you feel it, you must have faith in it. What you want will always be provided. What is meant for you will always make its way towards you, no matter the challenges.

Because the truth is—what I’ve learned this year—is that you are your only obstacle.

So today I release my fear and surrender to my wishes. Today I open myself up to receiving and claim my happily ever after...

A desire for true love and all.

And so it is. Beginning right now.


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