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The Unity Code

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Before we embark on our ascension journey, we tend to act out of unconscious wounding, often projecting our pain onto our counterparts or other connections. We must have compassion for this unconscious version of ourselves—we don’t know what we don’t know. However, once we become aware of the pattern, it’s our responsibility to shift to a healthier way of being.

            The Divine Feminine, more conscious of this journey and what it entails, will actively begin her ascension first while the Divine Masculine energetically holds the space for her as she heals, clears, and shifts—though on the physical plane, this might look like separation or triggers that call up to the surface any pain or old beliefs housed in her subconscious. In this stage, there’s an overemphasis on the Divine Masculine counterpart—not only is the Divine Feminine experiencing all sorts of phenomena, including vividly feeling his energy or presence, but she’s dreaming and constantly thinking about him no matter how much she tries not to.


He’s just so there—always in the back of her mind and as part of her heart, and nothing can seem to turn it off. She might try to figure out what’s going on with him in the same way she’s trying to understand this connection—maybe by getting tarot readings or meditating in search of answers. At some point, she begins her inner healing work, and the Divine Masculine becomes the dangling carrot as she realizes the more she heals, the more the connection seems to shift.

In physics, this is known as Quantum Entanglement: two subatomic particles are intricately linked to each other across space and time, and a change in one will induce a change in the other. Evolving studies show how people share the same kind of entanglement in relationships. This principle helps to scientifically explain the concept of Twin Flames and the notion that you’re never truly separate from one another.

As the Divine Feminine continues her healing journey, she notices incredible transformations in her connection with her counterpart and her own soul growth. She’ll experience periods of absolute joy and euphoria to counter the healing of grief and anxiety, which might appear as extreme mood swings until the energies ground and settle into a more consistent state of inner peace. She’ll have upgrades in her psychic and intuitive gifts and heart expansions that open her up to forgiveness and grace as more love takes root within her. Her physical world might also change as a result, and she’ll begin a spiritual practice, focus on her health, revisit a forgotten passion, move locations, start a new job in a field of interest, and/or call in soul family to support her journey. If she began her journey in severe misalignment, this might look as if her world is turning upside down to make room for the new.

I like the metaphor of a house that’s ready for an upgrade: you can’t move the new furniture in until you clear the old furniture and clutter out—or, in this case, all the heavy, dense energy that might have served a purpose once as one version of yourself but that no longer fits the version you’re becoming. The process depends on how much “clutter” you have, but the further along you go, the easier it becomes.

            On an energetic level, the Divine Feminine’s frequency is rising and her consciousness is shifting. As a reflection of that consciousness, her physical world naturally shifts with her. Everything is vibration, and only that which is tuned into the same vibration will be able to remain as part of a person’s life, much like the frequencies of sound and a radio—only those tuned into the same station can hear the song that’s playing.

The Divine Feminine will actively begin healing in several different ways, including journaling, guided mediations, energy clearings, past-life regressions, soul growth exercises, and other modalities she’s called to. This might even be part of her own discovered spiritual practice, such as tarot, which also helps her tune into her higher-self and intuition. She might find herself crying in an emotional purge as repressed emotions are released through her physical body, or she might experience a physical purge with flu-like symptoms known as an Ascension Flu. This purge is the release of old energy connected to pain and trauma. The old always has to be released before the new can come in.

In occult teachings, the spiral symbolizes the journey of the soul, representing the soul’s path from lower consciousness to enlightenment. On the ascension journey, the spiral indicates our inner growth—the deeper we go, the more there is to discover as part of our eternal evolution and soul recognition. There are many levels to this part of the journey for the Divine Feminine as healing, too, is an inner journey similar to an onion—the more you peel back the layers, the more there is to be revealed. For example, you might have thought you healed the rejection wound, but it will continue to show up as you dive further into memories, experiences, beliefs, or patterns as layers upon layers are cleared.

Imagine the wall of an old house that’s been painted and repainted over the decades with various shades of color that other people chose. Your healing journey isn’t about simply painting over the wall again to hide those old colors but scraping away each layer to unearth the original. That original color is you! It’s your authentic soul self, and this is your new starting point. Now, whenever you want a new paint color, it’s chosen with intention, and it’s chosen by you.

There comes a point when the Divine Feminine starts to naturally integrate, anchor in, and embody this new (original) energy to such a point it’s hard to remember she was ever anything but her authentic self. She becomes less concerned with the Divine Masculine’s journey—what’s he doing, how’s he feeling, what’s he healing—and becomes focused on the transformation occurring within herself and in her own life. She might even feel detached from her counterpart, and it’s such a stark difference from the constant thoughts and intense energy from earlier in her journey that it seems like she’s in a void. This void is the bridge to union, clearing any unhealthy attachment formed from the illusion of separation.

If you’re stuck in a loop where you’re constantly thinking about or analyzing the actions or words of your counterpart, consider first how this makes you feel. Where you feel helpless or powerless is where you’re asked to surrender, as it’s here you can make new choices and change the patterns. However, by continuing to focus on your counterpart, you’re getting yourself caught in a consciousness trap I call the Twin Flame Matrix.

Where are you continuing to take responsibility for your counterpart’s role in the connection or for the masculine’s part of the journey? Where are you neglecting yourself or abandoning yourself by not choosing yourself, instead wanting to be chosen? Where are you not loving yourself as the Divine Feminine energy you are—one that’s worthy of receiving love versus sacrificing or chasing for it? This is what your Twin Flame is trying to show you. They’re always guiding your way home to yourself, but there comes a point along your journey where you realize you’ve held the map all along.

If you’re struggling with these questions, return to the Distorted Masculine and Feminine Traits chart from Chapter Two and see where you can continue to clear these energies. Your counterpart is highlighting the blind spots in your healing; they’re showing you where to mend the holes with more love. It’s a reminder that you’re always working together, even if it seems to the old paradigm of the physical world that you’re not.

This part of the journey, what I call the transitionary stage, occurs in cycles as you continue to release attachment while anchoring into unconditional love. You begin to pull the focus off your counterpart and back onto yourself—nurturing your joys, supporting your passions, and developing spiritually rich connections. This instantly changes your vibration and shifts your frequency so you feel more empowered, more sovereign. At some point, you realize this journey was never about your counterpart but your journey home to yourself.

This is the completion of one phase of your journey as you ready yourself for your Higher-Heart Ascension. Now, you’re honoring yourself and embodying your highest frequency. You’re integrating everything you’ve experienced as a lesson and a resource for your soul’s transformation, and you’re utilizing this internal evolution to expand your physical reality. You’re shining brightly in your authentic truth and showing up in your external world, creating from a place of empowerment and abundance versus limiting beliefs and lack. Adjustments might be made as little triggers show up, but they affirm your inner work and anchor you more into your true self. Your masculine and feminine energies are creating union within.

Explore this and more in The Unity Code!

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Soul connections are at the forefront of our collective consciousness shift as sacred partners, commonly referred to as twin flames/twin souls or soulmates, propel us in our spiritual growth towards self-love, personal empowerment, and divine purpose. These encounters dissolve old paradigms and rewrite relationship patterns by revealing the sacredness within ourselves along the path to union.

Delve deeper into your twin flame dynamic and ascension journey to understand the intricate dance between the masculine and feminine energies, navigate the complexities of separation, and explore the shadow to illuminate your light with profound insights and practical exercises.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

• Distinguish between twin flames, soulmates, and karmic relationships
• Identify the masculine and feminine energies within yourself and how they play a crucial role in conscious connections
• Explore deeper aspects of your twin flame journey and the sacred union path of ascension
• Recognize the illusion of separation consciousness to foster more harmony in yourself and your connection
• Discover the purpose of your sacred relationship and the twin flame cosmic effect


The Unity Code: Rewriting the Twin Flame Template for Your Sacred Union Path of Ascension offers a powerful perspective of twin flames to elevate your understanding of soul connections and the sacred union path of your ascension journey as a way to embrace oneness with yourself and others.

Union is already part of you, and so is your twin flame. You are the living energy of love. You are the embodiment of unity consciousness.

You are The Unity Code.

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