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our new book...

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Unlock Your Twin Flame Ascension
& the Keys to Unity Consciousness with

The Unity Code Reveal Video.jpg

The Unity Code 

The writing is polished and complete, the covers are designed and ready, and I'm restless with excitement to get The Unity Code into your hands... 


It would be easy to release this project right away as we've done in the past. But this book is different. The core message of The Unity Code revolves around oneness, and community has always been at the heart of everything we create.

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On June 3, we're launching The Unity Code Kickstarter where we're going beyond the book to create a meaningful experience centered around you!


Kickstarter is a community-oriented platform that brings creative projects to life. In exchange for pledging support for projects you love, you'll get exclusive rewards you won't find anywhere else.


Through The Unity Code Kickstarter campaign, we're able to cultivate an exciting book launch designed to help you transform your sacred union path of ascension in the most inclusive way possible.

The Unity Code Reveal Video.jpg

Follow The Unity Code and stay tuned for our Kickstarter launch to learn all about the exciting perks we have planned, including exclusive book bundles, discounted goodies, and digital freebies!

Plus, by backing the book through our campaign, you'll get The Unity Code months earlier than its retail release date!


Be the first to back our book for exclusive rewards. Use the button below to sign up and be notified when our campaign goes live.

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