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Enhance your Tarot-learning journey with the Tarot in Translation decks!



arot in Translation Tarot Deck (90 cards--includes 12 bonus zodiac cards)

Tarot in Translation: Pocket Guide (78 cards, poker-sizez)


Please be sure to look at the individual listings for more information on these decks.


  • Each deck is shrink-wrapped and comes in a colorful drawstring organza bag with charm (pictured). All decks are infused with Reiki energy healing.


  • Guidebook not included. Please use your intuition when tapping into the energy of the cards.


"Susan is a very awesome seller! She was really very helpful with a very beautiful item that I purchased from her. Received my package very fast with even more offers inside. Very beautifully made deck of cards and the guide could not be more perfect. Thanks so much! Looking forward to ordering from her shop again." - Customer Review

Tarot in Translation Tarot Deck Bundle (Original Tarot Deck + Pocket Guide)

  • Tarot in Translation Tarot Deck Bundle:

    90 cards/78 cards
    Standard Smooth finish
    2.75"x4.75" (70mm x 121mm - standard Tarot-sized cards)
    / 2.48"x3.46" (63mm x 88mm - standard Poker-sized cards)
    Shrink-wrapped packaging with drawstring bags

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