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Enhance your Tarot-reading journey with the Tarot in Translation decks!


Strengthen your readings by purchasing all four decks at a discounted rate!


Tarot in Translation Original Tarot Deck (90 cards, includes 12 Bonus Zodiac Cards)
Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide (78 cards, poker-sized)
Tarot in Translation Message Deck (78 cards)
Tarot in Translation: Journey of the Heart Message Deck (78 cards)

Please be sure to look at the individual listings for more information on these decks.


  • Each deck is shrink-wrapped and comes in a colorful drawstring organza bag with charm (pictured). The Pocket Guide also comes with a binder ring. All decks are infused with Reiki energy healing.


  • Guidebook not included. Please use your intuition when tapping into the energy of the cards to deepen the messages in your spread.


"Susan Dawn is awesome and her cards are a reflection of her. I love my cards- Pocket Tarot, Tarot, Tarot Messages and the Ascension Confessions. I highly recommend these cards. So beautiful! Thank you." - Customer Review

Tarot in Translation Series Bundle (Message Decks, Tarot Deck, Pocket Guide)

  • Tarot in Translation Series Bundle:

    90 cards/78 cards/78 cards/78 cards
    Standard Smooth finish
    2.75"x4.75" (70mm x 121mm - standard Tarot-sized cards)
    / 2.48"x3.46" (63mm x 88mm - standard Poker-sized cards)
    Shrink-wrapped packaging with drawstring bags

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