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Interested in all decks in the "Tarot in Translation" series? Contact me or check out my Etsy shop for bundled discounts!

Interested in learning Tarot? The Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide is perfect for those who are just getting started on their Tarot journey! These poker-sized cards are a helpful tool in getting to know each of the Major and Minor Arcana cards and can be used as either its own starter deck or as a guide for your readings.


Here's how it works:


Each card in the Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide contains the following information based on the traditional Rider-Waite cards...


- Card Name

- Major or Minor Arcana

- Card Number

- Element Association

- Planet/Zodiac Association

- Predominant Symbols

- Upright Meaning

- Reverse Meaning


The rose in the upper left-hand corner serves as a guide for a hole punch. Insert the included binder ring through the holes to use as a useful pocket guide/flip book, or recycle the binder ring and maintain the cards as its own mini-Tarot deck for readings. You decide!



Use this deck in tandem with the Tarot in Translation Tarot or Message Decks to enhance your readings with additional learning and guidance.



  • Each deck is shrink-wrapped and comes in a colorful drawstring organza bag with charm (not pictured). All decks are infused with Reiki energy healing.


  • Guidebook not included. Please use your intuition when tapping into the energy of the cards.


  • Love the deck? Join the Tarot in Translation Online Course at


Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide

$55.00 Regular Price
$49.50Sale Price
  • Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide Specifics:

    78 cards
    Standard Smooth finish
    2.48"x3.46" (63mm x 88mm - standard Poker-sized cards)
    Shrink-wrapped packaging with drawstring bag

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