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Interested in all decks in the "Tarot in Translation" series? Contact me or check out my Etsy shop for bundled discounts!

Ready to learn the love language of Tarot or deepen your heart-centered readings? This deck is the perfect companion to your traditional Tarot or Tarot in Translation deck!


Based on the standard Rider-Waite set, each of the 78 cards contain an intuitively channeled message around the journey of love to help guide you and your sacred partnership.


  • Each deck is shrink-wrapped and comes in a colorful drawstring organza bag with charm (pictured). All decks are infused with Reiki energy healing.


  • Guidebook not included. Please use your intuition when tapping into the energy of the cards.


  • Love the deck? Join the Tarot in Translation Online Course at


"First let me start off by saying that if you have her decks in your cart, there’s a reason for it and you need to check out ASAP! Her Journey of the Heart has been my best friend since it arrived! It’s just simply wonderful. I’m soooo drawn to it, it gives me the messages and validation that I need to complete my day. No other decks can become close to hers, it all just fits and makes sense. I just purchased the rest of her decks and I can’t wait to have them in my hands. OMG thank you, thank you for creating them Susan! THANK YOU!" - Customer Review

Tarot in Translation: Journey of the Heart Message Deck

  • Tarot in Translation: Journey of the Heart Message Deck Specifics:

    78 cards
    Standard Smooth finish
    2.75"x4.75" (70mm x 121mm - standard Tarot-sized cards)
    Shrink-wrapped packaging with drawstring bag

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