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On the sacred union path of ascension? In this full-spread reading, we'll take an in-depth look at your divine partnership and journey of sacred union. We'll find out more about the current energy of your connection, how you're thinking and feeling about each other, what's shifting as part of your soul's journey, what might be challenging the connection, how you can continue to grow, and much more! With an emphasis on soul growth, you'll have messages of support for your sacred union journey. Want more? We'll end with messages from your person using my own message decks!


Take a look at the collective Sacred Union Energy Updates and Ascension Relationship Energy Updates on my YouTube channel for samples of this reading.


NOTE: We do not confirm whether or not someone is your counterpart. We simply tap into the energy of you and your connection, with energetic permission from the other individual, for the current energies in order to bring forth a better understanding for your own soul growth's journey and expansion. Relationships are the greatest catalyst for our own growth, and every reading should be taken in that context. This reading is meant for those experiencing soul connections who want to understand themselves and their relationships from a higher perspective of soul expansion and self-love while also having the human experience--bridging humanity with spirituality. For more on my perspective of divine partnerships, please visit this page: Soul Connections.


By selecting this option, you are agreeing to book a recorded reading with Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC. Recorded readings are sent via private link to the email address provided during booking and scheduling. 


Please note that there is no time-limit on our readings with the exception of live readings (currently unavailable). As a service to you, we channel until the reading feels complete with as much high-vibrational guidance and support as possible for your journey. Therefore, we offer readings based on topic to focus your reading and provide the best guidance possible.

We'll be in touch confirming your booking and to schedule your delivery with an opportunity for you to ask specific questions. 

Please review our Terms and Conditions or visit our Intuitive Energy Readings page for more.

(Patreon) Sacred Union Intuitive Reading

  • All readings, coaching sessions, transmissions, and channelings must be paid for prior to services rendered. No refunds will be given once the service is booked. We will be in contact via email for additional communications and delivery of your services.

    INTUITIVE READINGS: We'll email you upon confirmation of receiving your booking with the week in which your reading is scheduled to be delivered. Please note there is no specific guaranteed delivery day. Readings are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. As this is in-depth energy work, we ask that you please be patient and understanding should we need to postpone your reading. We will always remain in contact with you should that need arise. 


    By selecting this option, you are agreeing to book a recorded Intuitive Energy Reading with Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC. 

  • I do not respond to requests for reading updates. I personally confirm each client's delivery week upon receiving your booking so that you have an expectation of when you will receive your order. I do not guarantee a specific day but instead share the expected week of delivery and will always continue to stay in touch should any delays arise. If you would like to know how far out I'm booking, which is usually only a week or two, feel free to email me prior to placing your order. Rush delivery is also available by adding the Rush Delivery service to your order. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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