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Angel Aura Energy Healing

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"When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.” 

- Mary Baker Eddy


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"I first started following Susan on Instagram about two years ago. Till this day, I do not know how it happened. It’s almost like it was divine guidance. The first reading I ever got blew my mind because there was no way she could’ve known the situation I was in and her guidance has helped me tremendously until today. From then on, I knew spirit was guiding me on the right path. I am so grateful for her and to call her my soul sister. Her energy has always been, the best way to describe it is “LOVE” and her aura is always so pink and nurturing. She is the only reader I resonate with and it’s not to say every word always does because we are all on our own paths and stages in our journeys, but the energy she picks up on is always right on point with what I’m going through or what I need to hear. Just recently, I received the Angel Aura Energy Healing from Susan and it has changed my life. The guidance I received, messages that came through, the light language transmission and healing she did for me have cleared away blocks in me that were holding me back in ways I didn’t even know. It is so powerful that when I call upon my Angel team now, it’s almost like I’m still in the energy of the healing she did and I immediately feel the shift. It is absolutely amazing and worth it. It will change your life. If you’re guided to receive a healing session or need an ascension reading, I recommend Susan. She truly has the gift of healing and guidance. She will never give you false hope, will only tell you what spirit needs you to know and not to mention, she has the most amazing loving energy you could ever encounter. It’s always “LOVE."

- Client Testimonial -



Angel Aura Energy Healing is a powerful combination of energy healing through light language and direct channeling that connects to the angelic realm and the rainbow ray. The Angel Aura, or angelic rainbow frequency, flows through the auric field as light language allows for the energy to bypass the conscious mind and interact directly with the soul self for optimal healing. Directly channeled messages during your session bring additional guidance and wisdom for your journey. ​​

"I have been working with energy healers for over 20 years. Susan Dawn has become one of my top favorites to have a session with. When I am looking for answers, movement in my energy or guidance I reach out to Susan. The guidance she receives resonates truth for me, it is gentle, and a safe space to be seen and cared for. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a variety of Susan's work, the tarot channelings, light language and now Angel Aura Energy Healing. When I received my Angel Aura Energy Healing from Susan it moved me in the deepest core of my divine self. I truly felt my energy expand and become one with our divine source. Susan's Angel Aura Energy Healing filled me with love and I could feel some of my deepest stuck energy release. Susans words are kind, supportive and filled with gentle yet powerful truth. The 2nd and 3rd time I listened to my Angel Aura Energy Healing it was even more powerful for me. I highly recommend anyone treating themselves or a loved one to the profound gift of an Angel Aura Energy Healing session. Susan is a true pleasure to work with."

- Client Testimonial -​​


From early 2021 on, I've been channeling the rainbow ray as it relates to the New Earth frequency, otherwise known through my guides as The New Lemuria. Since then, rainbow energy has been prominent in my life and in my work, creating a unifying field of consciousness through which the connection to Mother/Father God Source continues to expand.

Several months later, at the end of 2021, I received the name and energy of a new Light Language transmission, the Angel Aura Transmission, which I promptly recorded but was asked by my spirit team to wait on. It seemed there was more that was coming through as its own healing modality, but I wasn't quite ready to receive the full scope of its energy, nor was I ready to understand and embrace how it had already been part of my work until I was booked for a reading by a beautiful client. It was a curious and rare occurrence: each time I sat down to complete her reading, the energy felt blocked. Finally, I gave up and emailed her, explaining what was going on and intending to ask her if I could do a personalized Light Language Transmission to help clear the energy. However, as I was writing to her, my spirit team came through and encouraged me to offer her Angel Aura Energy Healing instead.

A few days later, I was performing one of the most powerful healing sessions I've ever experienced.

"I don’t want to scare anyone off but I want you to know how powerful the healing session was! This healing session was POWERFUL! Susan is a very intuitive and gifted healer. My ancestors came in during the session and it was amazing to feel the support from them, as I have never connected with them before. The days following the session I finally felt big releases from the issues I had been struggling with for the past few years. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders as I continue to integrate the healing. I now feel less weighted down by the feeling of being an outsider as a lightworker and more empowered to move forward with my life."

- Client Testimonial -

​I didn't fully recognize until later how connected I've always been to the angelic realm and the rainbow ray, nor how this new healing modality had already been seeping into my work--through activations in my readings and channelings and through healings in my coaching and personalized Light Language Transmission sessions. After working with select clients, I'm now thrilled to be able to offer Angel Aura Energy Healing as its own service to the greater collective. 

"Very powerful and beautiful session. Susan helped to clear my chakras and provide angelic healing to where they were needed most. I could feel the healing take me out of my shell and allow me to feel the light and beautiful love energy. I definitely recommend this session."


- Client Testimonial -


In your Angel Aura Energy Healing session, we connect with the angelic realm and the rainbow ray to tune into your energy field for profound healing with the assistance of:

- Light Language & Direct Channeling

- Energy Healing

- Chakra & Past-Life Clearings (as it applies)

- Crystal Healing (connecting to the amplifying quartz crystal frequency)

and more...

Every session is unique for optimal healing for you! In your session you'll also receive your own personal energetic symbol in the angel aura ray.

Angel Aura Energy Healing can be booked as its own service or as an add-on to any coaching session or intuitive tarot reading. Sessions are recorded and delivered via private link unless booked as part of a coaching session or live intuitive tarot reading. Ready to book your session? Click here!

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