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Dive deeper with live channelings, group transmissions and meditations, and Q&As in our Soul Sessions Courses & Workshops! Ranging in topics from the sacred union path of ascension to navigating your spiritual awakening, these workshops are all-inclusive, providing resources and guidance for your expansion journey. 

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Soul Sessions Courses & Workshops

Understand the truth of twin flames and the sacred union path of ascension in this comprehensive workshop!
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This comprehensive channeling combines all of our knowledge, experience, and channeling about twin flames/sacred partners, the healing journey, and the sacred union path of ascension in one digestible workshop. Curated from over five years of experience and hundreds of sacred channelings and readings, this workshop focuses on the ascension relationship and spiritual partnership known as "twin flames."


In this recorded three-hour workshop, we dive deep into topics covering:


• What are Twin Flames and the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Energies?

• What is Ascension & The Sacred Union Path of Ascension?

• The Healing Journey & Core Wounds

• Karmic Partners & Situations

• Twin Flame Separation

• Sacred Union

• Soul Mission

• and more!


This workshop also includes a powerful group Angel Aura Energy Healing focused on clearing separation and embracing unity consciousness.

Details Coming Soon!

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