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The Unity Code
Rewriting the Twin Flame Template for Your Sacred Union Path of Ascension

Journey into the heart of sacred relationships where love is a catalyst for your soul’s evolution!

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Soul connections are at the forefront of our collective consciousness shift as sacred partners, commonly referred to as twin flames/twin souls or soulmates, propel us in our spiritual growth towards self-love, personal empowerment, and divine purpose. These encounters dissolve old paradigms and rewrite relationship patterns by revealing the sacredness within ourselves along the path to union.

Delve deeper into your twin flame dynamic and ascension journey to understand the intricate dance between the masculine and feminine energies, navigate the complexities of separation, and explore the shadow to illuminate your light with profound insights and practical exercises.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

• Distinguish between twin flames, soulmates, and karmic relationships
• Identify the masculine and feminine energies within yourself and how they play a crucial role in conscious connections
• Explore deeper aspects of your twin flame journey and the sacred union path of ascension
• Recognize the illusion of separation consciousness to foster more harmony in yourself and your connection
• Discover the purpose of your sacred relationship and the twin flame cosmic effect


The Unity Code: Rewriting the Twin Flame Template for Your Sacred Union Path of Ascension offers a powerful perspective of twin flames to elevate your understanding of soul connections and the sacred union path of your ascension journey as a way to embrace oneness with yourself and others.

Union is already part of you, and so is your twin flame. You are the living energy of love. You are the embodiment of unity consciousness.

You are The Unity Code.

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THE CODE (1026 x 350 px) (1000 x 250 px).png

Join us in launching our new book, The Unity Code!

Early Release

The Unity Code will be officially released to retailers everywhere in October 2024, but as a backer of our campaign, you'll get it months early!

Book Bundles

Want a paperback and an e-book version so you can take The Unity Code with you wherever you go? How about a hardcover for a gift and a paperback for yourself? With our book bundles, you can get The Unity Code the way you like it with free bonus content as part of your pledge and a little extra love shipped with your order. 

Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition hardcover design is exclusive to our Kickstarter campaign and will later be available through our shop as a book purchase only; no additional campaign rewards or perks will be included. Love the cover? Get it now through our Kickstarter campaign! 

Back the book for all the perks!


Community at the Heart...

It would be easy to release this book right away as I've done with projects in the past. The writing is polished and complete, the covers are designed and ready, and I'm restless with excitement to get it into your hands... 

But this book is different. The core message of The Unity Code revolves around oneness, and community has always been at the heart of everything I create.

Through this Kickstarter campaign, we're able to go beyond the book and create a meaningful experience centered around you! Not only will you have the book before it's available on retailers, I'm adding exclusive goodies and discounted add-on products and programs to choose from to help you transform your sacred union path of ascension in the most supportive way possible:

• Book bundles not available anywhere else
• Downloadable workbooks & spiritual guides
• Program Access, including Journey to Union and Healing & Harmony
• Healing resources, including meditations and transmissions

• Heavily discounted decks and deck bundles
• Services, inluding Intuitive Tarot Readings, Coaching Calls, & Live Tarot Sessions

Check out all the reward tiers and add-on items to see what suits your journey best!

How it Works

Kickstarter is a community-oriented platform that brings creative projects to life.


Pledge your support for a project you love in exchange for exclusive rewards.

When the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal and the campaign is over, you’ll be charged the amount you pledged to receive all the perks you wanted...

and then some! 

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Select from our Rewards tiers for your perfect package!
We've organized the tiers into groups to help you find what you're looking for. 

Who doesn't like a little extra?

We love the fulfillment process because it means we get to personally package your physical rewards with some extra goodies and a whole lot of love...


Each paperback or hardcover (including the Limited Edition hardcover) will receive a mystery bookmark! Want to collect them all? Select the Bookmark Pack as an add-on!


We love packing your order with fun extras. But shhh! They're a surprise!

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The Unity Code

  • Age range: Adult trade

  • Genre: Non-fiction spiritual

  • Page count: ~260 pages

  • Trim: 5.25"x 8" (paperback), 5.5"x8.5" (hardcover)

  • Formats: eBook (pdf & epub), Paperback, Hardcover + Limited Edition Hardcover!

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