Let's go galactic! Want to know more about your Starseed origins, life purpose/mission as a Lightworker, and guidance for what you need to know right now on your ascension or spiritual journey? This set spread is an in-depth reading that is split into three sections:



- Find out where you are on your ascension or spiritual journey and what Spirit needs you to know right now



- Find out more about your soul purpose, mission work, and who is helping you on your journey



- Find out what you need to surrender to continue expanding on your journey and what continued guidance your Spirit team/galactic council has for you. We'll end the reading with a final message from Spirit.


NOTE: Please note that all readings are intuitively guided by Spirit to bring forth what will assist you on your journey at this time. Some readings may include the channeling of information regarding previous incarnations on other planets while others are focused on this present incarnation's soul journey and mission work. Please be advised of this variance when booking.


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Please note that there is no time-limit on our readings with the exception of live readings (currently unavailable). As a service to you, we channel until the reading feels complete with as much high-vibrational guidance and support as possible for your journey. Therefore, we offer readings based on topic to focus your reading and provide the best guidance possible.

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Starseed Reading

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    INTUITIVE READINGS: We'll email you upon confirmation of receiving your booking with the week in which your reading is scheduled to be delivered. Please note there is no specific guaranteed delivery day. Readings are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. As this is in-depth energy work, we ask that you please be patient and understanding should we need to postpone your reading. We will always remain in contact with you should that need arise. 


    By selecting this option, you are agreeing to book a recorded Intuitive Energy Reading with Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC.