Looking for some divine guidance or spiritual support? With your questions in mind and tapping into your energy field, we'll channel a personalized Light Language Transmission to assist on your spiritual healing journey.

Looking for more in-depth healing? Check out the new Angel Aura Energy Healing!


NOTE: Light Language has no direct translation, as it's pure energy. Allow the words, sounds, movement, and vibration to move through you. Release the egoic mind that attempts to analyze and translate and let your soul carry the sounds and movements through your energetic body. High-level activations and energy clearing may be experienced as part of your transmission.


Light Language Transmissions will arrive as a recorded video link in your inbox within 3-5 days of your order. Have a specific question or concern? Let us know so we can direct that energy into providing the clarity your guides want you to hear.


By selecting this option, you are agreeing to book a recorded Light Language Transmission with Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LLC. Recorded Light Language Transmissions are sent via private link to the email address provided during booking and scheduling. 

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