Welcome to the Angel Aura Light Language Transmission, from Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections!

This powerful collective transmission is an introduction to Angel Aura Energy Healing, now available exclusively at www.susandawnspiritual.com! In this free collective transmission, we introduce you to the angel aura frequency, providing grounding, support, and protection.


NOTE: Light Language has no direct translation, as it's pure energy. Allow the words, sounds, movement, and vibration to move through you. Release the egoic mind that attempts to analyze and translate and let your soul carry the sounds and movements through your energetic body. High-level activations and energy clearing may be experienced as part of your transmission.


Upon purchase of this free video, you'll receive a document in your email. This document is the link sheet that will take you to the transmission for download. 

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Light Language Transmission - Angel Aura Transmission