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  • Susan Dawn

New Year, New Us!

A new year marks a new beginning--one of tranformation, growth, and evolution. WIth these thoughts in mind, we're looking forward to continuing to grow our practice to include more offerings and perspectives that will benefit you on your spiritual journey. If you take a look around the website and our YouTube channel and social communities, you'll notice how we've already evolved since opening just a few short months ago. In addition to our energy readings for the general collective, we've been sharing our personal spiritual journey in Ascension Confessions, as well as an online series that focuses on healing core wounds. In our social communities, we're committed to sharing motivational messages and tools for learning. And here on our blog, we're continuing to share written channeled messages and guidance for spiritual development. But we're not stopping here. Here are some of the changes you'll see in 2019:

Price Changes

We've adjusted our prices to add additional value to our services while presenting a wide-range of offerings to meet every price-point. Price adjustments are most notable on our tarot/oracle readings, in which you can now order live personal readings (full-spreads only) and three or five-card spreads in addition to our featured full and half-spread offerings. Please note that as a service to our clients, there is no time-limit on our readings. We pull cards according to the service ordered and channel until the messages feel satisfied. Spreads include a mix of traditional tarot and oracle cards. As usual, there is a 2-3 day turnaround time once payment is received. *Please note: These new prices are locked in and will not increase again! We'll also be offering various discounts and sales throughout the year, so make sure you follow our website and subscribe to our social media channels for all the details. Freebies As a thank-you to our growing communities on our social channels (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram), we're looking forward to offering live readings on Facebook and YouTube in this new year. During these live events, we'll be channeling messages for questions posted in the comments section using a three-card spread. Donations are highly-appreciated during these energy exchanges, but are not necessary. We love reading for the collective and look at this opportunity as our way of giving back. Additionally, we'll continue posting free Pick-A-Piles and Divine Partnership readings for the general collective on our YouTube channel. Increased Offerings As we continue to grow in our own spiritual studies, we look forward to offering new services in the new year. More information to follow. Growing Team!

We're so excited to be inviting others to join our team to share their gifts and offer fresh perspectives. Stay tuned to our social communities and here on the blog for upcoming announcements!

We remain so grateful for this outlet to continue to share our insight, knowledge, and spiritual journey with you. Thank you for opening up your hearts to us and entrusting us with your own journey. We look forward to stepping forward into this new year--truly a new beginning--together. Much love and light,

Susan Dawn


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