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  • Susan Dawn

Evolution & Expansion - Plus Special Announcements!

It's amost 1am as I'm writing this.

I've just finished hitting publish on a three-month project that began with a flurry of rebranding my website and products prior to my trip to Europe and which unexpectantly led to learning a new program throughout November to help me scale my business so I can continue to build community and reach more people with resources for the heart and soul.

I'm sitting here exhausted, knowing I'm on the verge of burnout because this is how I work (I promise I have and continue to prioritize self-care!), but I'm simultaneously feeling so proud of myself. So proud I could cry--though maybe that's the exhaustion or the relief from being finished with this project.

I'm proud because I've come a long way. I could go deeper and talk about how far I've REALLY come, but I don't have that in me tonight. Besides, I reflected enough on that with my travels.

(2023. It was the year of learning how to unapologetically believe in, honor, and love myself...)

What I'm proud of is how far I've come in building this business from the ground up. Every word written came from the heart. Every single graphic on my website and socials came from an innate passion for artistic creativity. Every program and product and post created and all the hundreds of emails responded to and the thousands of back-end admin details attended to were all completed personally with a profound love of what I do, and most of that, no one will ever know or see. And that's good--you're not supposed to. Not if I've done it right.

I put my heart and soul into everything I do because that's who I am. It's the only way I know how to be. Even in my other businesses--in my advocacy and my books--I don't know how to separate myself from my work, but I wouldn't want to. The work feels as true and authentic to me as my beating heart.

So when I say I'm proud, this is what I'm proud of:

Yes, I'm proud of how much my business has expanded with its beautiful community and services and offerings.

Yes, I'm proud of how I've learned so many new skills and how I've applied those skills to make every aspect of my work even better (the evolution of design of my website and products is such an awesome measurement of that!).

Yes, I'm proud of the fact that I've done it all (with some guidance from mentors and friends) because it shows me what I'm capable of creating.

Yes, I'm proud of my business and everything it represents.

But I'm especially proud of who I've become because of it and how I've grown with it.

I am, however, not so proud of the fact that I still haven't written a word of Novel 6 that is still whirling around in my head...

Maybe that comes next.

Oh, and by the way, my Tarot in Translation Tarot Course is back with a fresh look for anyone interested in learning intuitive Tarot!

1:17am. Time for sleep.

* * *

I'm sharing this from my personal accounts after some much-needed sleep. Over the years we've created so much valuable content, and I'm so excited to present it all in a way that finally does it justice. Feel free to explore the programs and offerings in our Ascension Connections section.

Have you ordered one of my programs or meditations/transmissions before? Email me at with your receipt and I'll grant you access with our new program dashboard!

Stay tuned to our Spiritual Connections Newsletter for the rest of December. We have much more in store!


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