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Community Connections


Advocacy and philanthropy have always been an intrinsic part of our personal life, and here at

Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections we strive to nurture the essence of community by being of service with many free resources for the spiritual path; however, as our own platform has grown, we're excited to provide assistance where needed in new and expanded ways. 

Community Connections is a new section of our website that highlights charitable organizations to help uplift and enrich the lives of others in tangible ways while continuing to build awareness. As often as possible, we'll feature one of our favorite organizations with information for support.

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Previously Featured Organizations

January - March 

Our first featured Community Connections organization of the new year is one that is fairly personal and dear to my heart. I met the owner of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary through a writer's platform nearly a decade ago, and we quickly became friends through a shared love of books and writing and a compassion and advocacy for animals. Melanie and her husband, Jim, have provided a safe haven for abused and neglected horses (and other animals) for thirty years. Their open hearts and generous nature reaches not only the animals whose lives they touch, but the humans who have the joy of encountering them as well.


Years ago, Melanie and Jim took in a horse named Pearl who was emaciated from abuse and neglect, and the gravity of her situation left her with an uncertain future. At the time, I was in the depths of my own experience with illness and losing hope. I kept vigil over posts of Pearl, my heart reaching out across the distance in gratitude for Melanie and Jim and in constant prayer for Pearl. Pearl not only survived, but she thrived in Proud Spirit's care; she gave me the will to do the same. Pearl's story is similar to the hundreds of horses Melanie and Jim have cared for over the decades and the over fifty horses who live in freedom at Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary today. 

At Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, the horses are never stalled. As per the Proud Spirit mission, "They function as a herd with no cross fencing, safe in companionship of other horses. They have room to move about and to graze and roam...which they need to thrive." 

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary has no paid staff, as one hundred percent of donations go directly to equine care, including: hay, feed, vet bills, hoof trimming, equine dentistry, and more. Particularly during the winter months, hay supply is priority. Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary is a  501c3 nonprofit organization whose deductions are tax-deductible.


Want a fun way to support Proud Spirit? Get Melanie's books! Melanie has written multiple books about Proud Spirit as well as an award-winning middle-grade novel, Liberty Biscuit. All profits from the sale of her books go toward care of the horses at Proud Spirit and continued rescue work.


Learn more about the animals of Proud Spirit and how to support them at

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary


Highlighted charitable organizations have been vetted by GuideStar and are listed as 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Selected organizations for our Community Connections page are typically smaller organizations that may assist persons or animals in need. Information provided is for awareness purposes only. Susan and Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections have no professional affiliation with any of the featured organizations and does not and will not accept donations on their behalf. While the purpose of this page is to bring awareness to and encourage the support of these organizations, please consider your own personal due-diligence when donating. 


Disclosure: As a Lyme disease survivor and advocate for patients and caregivers with chronic illness, Susan is the founder of the non-profit organization, LymeBrave Foundation. To maintain a sense of ethical integrity in separation of Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections, LymeBrave Foundation will not be a featured charitable organization as part of Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections' Community Connections. However, for those who wish to learn more about Lyme disease or who wish to support LymeBrave Foundation and its work, please visit here: LymeBrave Foundation.

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